Could you have a hidden talent for cybersecurity? Give it a go and find out!

Learn coding, programming and ethical hacking through a series of fun challenges in CyberStart Game.

Do you have a love of logic puzzles, the knack to crack a code, or a well-trained brain for gaming?

Cybersecurity could be the hobby, or even career path, you never knew you were missing out on!

The Cyber FastTrack scholarship competition is designed to encourage and reward college students with a talent for cybersecurity in the USA.

Even if you’ve never tried cybersecurity before, you could be part of this talent pool!

Complete beginners and those with intermediate cyber knowledge can train up to rival even the strongest competitors using CyberStart Game, a hands-on gamified cybersecurity training platform, which brings cybersecurity to life through real-world simulations.

College and University Cybersecurity Clubs can gain access to free CyberStart Game licenses by having a club official contact us.

Start by giving it a go with CyberStart Go!

This open-access 60-minute set of challenges allows you dip in and try out some cybersecurity puzzles with no sign-up required.

There’s nothing to lose by trying it - and you may discover a hidden talent!

Encourage your cybersecurity or WiCSyS club leader to request CyberStart Game licences for you and your club. Not in a club? Perhaps a hobbyist already? You are welcome to just join the competition directly and see what you score!

Prove yourself by landing among the top scorers and you could win:

  • A $1,000 scholarship to use for undergraduate study at your choice of accredited US college in Fall 2021.
  • A free place at the SANS Cyber Foundations Academy, worth over $3,000.
  • A full or partial scholarship to the SANS Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Cyber Security, worth up to $18k.

This program sparked a hidden interest of mine in cyber security and I'm sure it has for other students across the nation.

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